What We Can Do For You.

CED Indianapolis  is dedicated to providing a service that is reliable, timely and adds value to our customers.  In a changing industry, CED Indy is focused on being on the cutting edge of new technology, innovative processes and expedited logistics, that get the material from our facilities to the hands of our customers faster.

We rely on a trust based relationships with our customers and suppliers to provide a quality experience for our customers everytime. Below is a few of the many value-adds CED Indy provides for our customers.

Projects Team

Our projects team will take the pressure of your staff on your next big job.

Project Storage

Have your material delivered to your jobsite on demand, when it’s stored at our facilities.

Wire Paralleling

Save labor hours on your jobsite with pre-paralleled  runs of wire.

24 Hour Service

CED Indy is able to serve you 24/7 with our emergency line:          (317)-491-2070