Fulham Programmable Drivers

The WorkHorse LED family of programmable drivers gives users the power to create the right driver for any situation. Programmable attributes include output current, dimming curve, and lowest dimming percentage, allowing the driver to match the output of existing luminaires or serve as a flexible platform for new luminaire designs. WorkHorse LED Extreme drivers are IP65 rated for outdoor and other high power applications. Click this here to learn more! https://www.fulham.com/product-systems/led-systems/programmable-led-drivers/

New Products

Burndy Pulling Heads

Want pulling heads already installed on your wire, ready to be pulled as soon as it gets onto the job site?

We have them for you! Burndy Pulling Heads can be attached to any wire on any parallel within the range of #8 all the way to 750 aluminum and 600 copper!